Thursday, June 13, 2013

June 14, 2013

Good Evening,

I can't sleep because my first  book is about to be finished and ready to go on the market.  It is not that I want to make money, though nobody that I know doesn't like to to that, but I just want to have maturing children share with me the adventures that come to me.  I would love to hear from all of you.  My e-mail is and I will soon have a website connected to my publisher, Inspiring Voices. 

My first priority is to get book two into print, "The Knight of Nettle" and then the third book, "Let Us hold Fast".  The fourth book is in the works an is called, "To Live in Darkness or in Light".

Back to the beginning, I wrote this book, "War with Ice Lady" several years ago while I was reading books and on line.  For no reason that I can explain, a story entered my head and I just had to get it written down.  At that time I really did not even think about publishing.  Several years later I had written the other books in the series and had started a new series.  At that time it seemed prudent to commit to get the first series published before I proceeded further on my pirate stories. So I made myself stop writing and contacted man publishers.  I decided on Inspiring Voices.

Yesterday I had to make a decision on the cover of the first book "War with Ice Lady" and went to several book stores to see what the readers thoughts were. The kids were very exited about the story line and like the first draft of the cover.  That made me even more excited.  I need to find out how to get book signings scheduled.

Note:  I had a teacher read this book to her second grade class.  They loved it!  Then I went with autographed title pages to the class room to answer questions.  The questions where so thought out!  Like what the second book was about with what characters; why I started to write; would I continue to write; where I got my ideas; etc.  It was a very great experience for me.

I will continue this when I find out what the cover will be like in the final version and how to contact my websit.  Thanks you so much for you interest.

D. Scozzari

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