Saturday, May 31, 2014

From North American Bear Center web page:
Family Breakup
bear_blackheart_dot_donna.jpgBlack bear mothers give birth in January and stay with their cubs for 16-17 months.
Family bonds remain strong right up to the day of family breakup. In the days before family breakup, they play together, groom each other, sleep together, and suckle. Like human youngsters, yearling bears sleep very soundly, trusting their safety to the alertness of their mother.
Family breakup happens suddenly during mating season in May or June when the mother is nearly ready to mate.
The sudden presence of a male can precipitate family breakup. At first, the mother is torn between her yearlings and the persistent male, but within a day after family breakup, she will chase her yearlings away whenever she encounters them.
Littermates also separate from each other. Each settles in a separate area within its mother’s territory. The mother then avoids those areas, giving the yearlings nearly exclusive feeding rights.
Without their mothers, the yearlings are initially skittish, spending long periods up trees. They become covered with ticks. By the end of the summer, they develop into confident little bears.
Most sons voluntarily leave within a couple years after family breakup. Most daughters eventually establish territories in or near their mother’s territory.
Photo: A week before family breakup, a yearling male (left) sleeps snuggled with his 5-year-old mother, not realizing the traumatic change that is about to happen in his life. — May 18, 2006, Ely, MN
Hey everyone, I've been sharing on Facebook page where I should have been sharing here.

In 2013 my first book, The Ninth Region  The War with Lady Ice, was read to a second grade class.  Then that spring I went and visited them.  I was not published yet, and what was read was from on of the first manuscripts, but I was so happy on how the students all had their own favorite parts.  They also asked me why I started to write, if I would ever stop, how I saw some characters, and if Vincent was going to be in the next book, (Knighting Nettle).  Answer is yes. Vincent is in all four books.

So now I had a criminal background check, and have permission from the principal of West Memorial Elementary to speak to the 5th grade about my perception of writing, and my first book.  I am so excited and yet nervous.
These are fifth graders, going into middle school next year!  The second grade took me for a great ride, how will this ride go?  These kids are so smart and intuitive. 

Anyway I am going Monday, this Monday, June 2nd, in the afternoon.
Next year I plan on speaking with the 4th and 5th graders of next year about book one and the sixth graders about my second book.

I am going to trying to get into some book stores this summer - so please buy the e-book and if you, (the kids) are entertained, please, please tell you local book store to contact me for a visit.  My e-mail is  Getting so excited.  I will let you know how it went.  Thanks for you good thoughts!  D. Scozzari