Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Long ago the Ice Lady had started to feel sorry for herself.  The more she felt sorry for herself the more ugly she became, inside and out.  The Ice Lady enjoyed making others feel as bad as she did.  It made her feel empowered." (From War with the Ice Lady).

What made Ice Lady so mean?  She let feeling sorry for herself overpower who she really was. Ice Lady felt empowered by making others feel as bad as she did.  She had the Fire Prince and the Polar Spirits as allies, but they were not friends. 

People that are alone actually can push people away.  They get so caught up in their self-pity that everything is clouded by that kind of thinking.

Have you ever said or did something really embarrassing?  The number of things I have done I could not even begin to count.  I don’t want to count them.  Sometimes when embarrassing things both directs a lot of unwanted attention It can feel that everyone knows what you did and everyone is laughing at you.  You start to feel self-pity. You start to isolate or pull away from friends, because you are so embarrassed. 

Example, have you ever been walking with your tray in the cafeteria and strip.  All you lunch is on you, the floor, and a teacher standing nearby.  Everyone saw this happen. You put your head down; you clean up what you can; you go sit by yourself and feel embarrassed and self-conscious.

Now it feels like everyone is watching, but in time things start feeling the way they did before and it is now a good funny story to tell. But what if right after that you went outside to recesses and dropped of the monkey bars, and rolled right in to someone. That person fell and had to go to the nurse for a bloody nose. Then that same day you get your stuff and walk to your bus sitting down in the seat you always sit in.  The think is that you are thinking about what happened earlier, feeling sorry for yourself.  Once the bus starts, you realize this is not your bus!  You have to make the bus driver stop and let you off so you can run to catch you own bus.  Everyone on one the buses are watching you. 

What you do when you go home.  You cry, or run, or kick a ball around.  Then what you do next is important.  If you keep thinking on what happened the worse it will seem.  And then if feels even worse.  And then later it feels much worse.  You get up the next day and play sick or you go to school with your head down, not talking to anyone. Your friends think that you don’t like them anymore.  One day you decide that the only thing that will make you feel better is to make others feel as bad as you.

But if you choose God’s way, when you go home you will cry, kick a ball, or go for a run.  But then you pray.  You decide to let God handle it and the next day you get the courage to laugh at yourself.  Now others are laughing with you and not at you.  You end up making more friends.  You don’t feel sorry for yourself anymore. Jesus promises his disciples in Matthew 28:20, “…I am with you always…”  Your courage comes from knowing that fact. That promise is to you, too!

A prayer to remember published by Universal Designs, “Help me to remember Lord that nothing’s going to happen today that you and I can’t handle together.” The picture on this card is a cute little white bear cub.

*Put God in the center, then everything and anything will come together.

* Paraphrased from a Universal Designs card.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

About Knighting Nettle:

"It is a great time for celebration now that the Ice Lady, Polar Spirit, and Fire Prince have disappeared.  Mom and Dad Sco, bear twins Gloria and Nathan, their bother Nettle, and their newest family member, Vincent the overgrown frog, are journeying tot he capital so King Otto can honor them for freeing the Ice Lady's captives. Nettle is given the opportunity to earn knighthood by performing a task for King Otto: to bring him an old goat's magical horn that, with its powers, will make the kingdom stronger.

With Vincent, Nettle travels outside the Ninth Region to a different reality.  But what Nettle does not know is that the forces of the Fire Prince and the Polar Spirit are preparing wicked plans for Nettle, Vincent, and their new friends. "

Nettle and Vincent don't get along that great. But as the dangers and events unfold, strange things begin to happen.  " Then out of nowhere, Elisa was raised up above the ground as if a some force was lifting her."  What happened and who is Elisa??????


Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Nathan and Gloria tried to sleep (hibernate) as they were told to do by their parents. When they saw the purple mist form on the cave wall they grabbed each other in fright! (From War with the Ice Lady).

What would you do if you saw something that you did not understand.  This happens a lot.  We as children trust the adults that we are with to guide us.  We look to them to see if they are afraid.

In Psalm 23 verse 4 it says, "..I fear no evil, for You are with me."

If we read the Bible and trust the God of the Bible we have nothing to fear.
Don't walk in front of a car or jump off a roof.  I'm not talking about that kind of stuff.
I mean the strange sound in the middle of the night or the bully at school.

When we are on God's side He has our backs. 

Put God in the center, then everything and anything will come together.