Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Well the next day the weather changed.  Weather likes to play games.  One minute it is sunny and the next the wind is blowing from the north and it rains.  Better than snow I guess for this time of year, but Tom went to meet up with John and Mark to play ball.  He had his basketball and a jacket and went out anyway.  Things were great!  Thanksgiving was that week and school was only two days next week. Tom’s sisters were busy so he did not have to deal with them. 

Tom meet up with Mark and John. They went to the park to play ball. John was the tallest of the three, but he was kind of clumsy. Mark was not short but not very tall either, but he sure could hook that ball up and in.  It must have been an hour or so that the drizzle of rain stopped.  That is when they saw Sasha walking down the side walk. The guys did not really care on way or anther, so when she asked to play they said yes.  They told Sasha to play with Mark to even the odds and played two on two.  Well it seems that Sasha should have some kind of nick name because she was fast! She never dropped the ball and she made as many baskets as she missed.  So much for evening up the odds.


They took a break and then asked each other what their holiday plans were.  Mark did not know, John was going out of town to his grandparent’s place in the country. Tom was staying at home and the uncles, aunts, cousins were coming over to his house.  All his grandparents went to heaven. He did have one great-aunt that was 95 or so.

After playing some more ball in the rain, they got too cold so the three boys went home. When Tom walked up to his house there was a weird van outside his house.  He ran up to see what was going on.  Well it was Aunt Mae.  Tom asked his dad what was the deal and his father said, “Your Great-Aunt Mae had to come a day early.  She can’t sit in a regular car anymore.  Look in the Livingroom.  She brought her special chair to sit in. We are making up the indoor patio room up as her bedroom while she is here.  She can’t climb the stairs. Now Tim, be patient with her, remember she is 98 years old.”

Tom went to say hi and Aunt Mae was just as talkative as ever.  She had lost a lot of weight and looked really weak. There was a nurse with her that was going to drop by daily to see to her medicines and such.  This was going to be strange.  When Aunt Mae saw Tom she motioned him to come over.  He did, of course, and bent down to her level.  She whispered in Tim’s ear, “Lot’s going on this year.  Did you get that feeling a day or so back?  I sure did and I’m getting ready!”

Tom asked his aunt, “Ready for what.” Aunt Mae never answered him.  She was already asking for a cup of tea and a biscuit.  Some things never change.

To be continued….


Friday, November 13, 2015

What is wrong and what is right?

Well now, when his parents got home they keep the girls in their rooms.  It was a quiet night.  We go to eat in peace.  Mom made a beef stew that was de..licious.  Dad. Mom and I watched a baseball game while we enjoyed the calm evening.  I went to bed and read my favorite adventure book falling to sleep to the running and panting that I heard in my head as my hero ran for his life.  My dreams were of climbing trees and make race cars. Perfecto!

The next morning I did not see my sisters.  You see the oldest on is a sophomore in high school.  She starts school early.  The other sister is in middle school and has the same start time, but she had volleyball practice before school.  Both were long gone by time I made my way downstairs. 

The walk to school was uneventful.  I joined up with a couple of my buds and we just messed around with each other. It was uneventful and that weird feeling did not come to me once!

School was alright. Math and Science classes were fun, but English was a major pain.  I just don’t get why I have to learn this stuff.  After school I went to my locker to grab my jacket and saw somebody new right next to me having a hard time with her locker.  Of course I asked to help, and she accepted.  As we walked out the front door together I found out she lived one block south of me.  Then we meet up with my two buds.  I introduced them, “Sasha  this is Mark and John.  The live near to the both of us.”

Sasha said, “Hi, how long have you lived here?” 

Mark answered, “Oh we have been calling this neighborhood home for 10 years, ever since my Dad came back from Scotland.  I was born in Scotland.” 

Sasha asked, “Well how about you too?”

I responded for both of us because John was too busy looking down at the dirt, “We both have lived here all our lives.  Where do you call home?”

Sasha responded quietly, I come from Mother Russia.” 

Mark broke out, “You really still call it Mother Russia after all those countries left Russia!” 

‘Of course I do!  Russia is my homeland and I miss it very much.”

“So then why did you come to America, to this small town?” John asked all by himself!

Sasha said, “Both my parents have work here, in your chemical research lab of some company. I had no choice.”

The boys started to goof off as usual and Sasha just joined in as if she was always their friend.

It was kind nice.  As we they went their separate ways to go home, Sasha turned around and said to the three boys, “Maybe I will see you in mornig, good?”

We all said, “Sounds good to us!”

To be continued….


Monday, November 9, 2015

What is wrong and what is right?

One day a young boy named Tom went to school, as usual.  He felt a dark heaviness all around him, but could not figure out where this feeling was coming from. 

As Tom walked home, the same feeling followed him.  When he walked into his house, his sisters were fighting.  He had to duck as they were throwing things at each other; they were breaking things.  Mom and Dad were going to be really mad! Both these sisters were older than him, but he felt that he had to do something.  So with all his courage and volume he could muster he said, "You two stop this right now.  Go to your rooms and don't come out until you can talk to each other in a civil manner!"

To Tom's surprise they stopped throwing things and yelling.  Both sisters went to their rooms.

Now Tom did not know what to do.  He still felt that heaviness around him.  Tom thought, I wonder if that same feeling is what made his sisters fight so hard. 

He went to his room to wait for his parents to come home.

To be continued.......

Friday, November 6, 2015

Bammer the Man

Bammer is the man, a cute boy.

Give him a ball or a pool,

He needs to have no toy.

Give him a movie or a song,

He is totally cool, his own boy.


 Runner, hitter, swimmer, a ball player, very competitive he is.

A smiling, giggling, nutty, contriving jokester,

But full of love and forgiveness; full of sweetness he is.

A good friend to all, usually considerate,

Smart as a button and busy as a bee, always a player he is.


Bammer, Bammer, Bammer, that is your super hero name.

Being a gentleman and a strong man is normal for you.

I love you, so special are you to me that is my claim!

My sweetie pie, you are a special type of guy.

A pill you are, but there’s more to see; now go grab your fame.