Friday, November 6, 2015

Bammer the Man

Bammer is the man, a cute boy.

Give him a ball or a pool,

He needs to have no toy.

Give him a movie or a song,

He is totally cool, his own boy.


 Runner, hitter, swimmer, a ball player, very competitive he is.

A smiling, giggling, nutty, contriving jokester,

But full of love and forgiveness; full of sweetness he is.

A good friend to all, usually considerate,

Smart as a button and busy as a bee, always a player he is.


Bammer, Bammer, Bammer, that is your super hero name.

Being a gentleman and a strong man is normal for you.

I love you, so special are you to me that is my claim!

My sweetie pie, you are a special type of guy.

A pill you are, but there’s more to see; now go grab your fame.

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