Saturday, June 20, 2015

About Knighting Nettle:

"It is a great time for celebration now that the Ice Lady, Polar Spirit, and Fire Prince have disappeared.  Mom and Dad Sco, bear twins Gloria and Nathan, their bother Nettle, and their newest family member, Vincent the overgrown frog, are journeying tot he capital so King Otto can honor them for freeing the Ice Lady's captives. Nettle is given the opportunity to earn knighthood by performing a task for King Otto: to bring him an old goat's magical horn that, with its powers, will make the kingdom stronger.

With Vincent, Nettle travels outside the Ninth Region to a different reality.  But what Nettle does not know is that the forces of the Fire Prince and the Polar Spirit are preparing wicked plans for Nettle, Vincent, and their new friends. "

Nettle and Vincent don't get along that great. But as the dangers and events unfold, strange things begin to happen.  " Then out of nowhere, Elisa was raised up above the ground as if a some force was lifting her."  What happened and who is Elisa??????


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