Thursday, July 24, 2014

     I spoke at Katy Budget Books reading club meeting on Fry Road Katy Texas today. We talked about the characters in the War with Lady Ice, what parts they liked best, what characters they liked best, some of the differences between Black bears, Brown bears, and Polar bears. One girl did not like Vincent because he remindered her of someone (I love Vincent). One boy wish it was a scarier read. 8 out of 9 loved the book and wanted to know the secrets about the next books coming , Knighting Nettle and Let Us Hold Fast. One of the last things that was talked about was what character in my kind of book would you want to be. Everyone had an idea, so I said I would write a short story about there characters. Look for it on my blog or link up to it on my website, I'll be posting that short story of the characters that my new friends have imagined.
Follow your dreams and see what happens!

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