Sunday, August 3, 2014

Attention Book Club members of KBB:

The characters that the club members selected to be are as follows:
a snow leopard - two characters
an artic fox - one character
an artic wolf - one character
an artic owl - one character
a Guard of the Ice Lady from the book War with the Ice Lady
a polar bear
a grizzly bear

Now each character has to have a role to play.
One of the snow leopards is not very nice, but the other on is a good leopard. The Ice Lady's Guard is of course a cute but mean creature.
Our grizzly bear is to be a friendly bear, but the polar bear is fierce!

On the prowl for its own interests is the artic owl.  So that means that the owl will be on whoever's side suites him. Next we have an artic wolf and an artic fox.  The wolf is the larger animal that can weight between 75 to 125 pounds. Some can be only 3 feet long while others grow as much as 6 feet.The fox, however, is only 3-3.5 feet long plus its 12" tail. It can weight from 6.5 pounds to 21 pounds.  Both animals have thick fur on their bodies and on their paws. 

The snow leopards are the only character in our tale that are not native to North America.  They live mainly in the mountains of Central Asia. They too have thick fur to keep warm and have tails that are flexible and long helping them to keep their balance.

The guard is a unique animal made for my book series story.  It is small and cute creature that can sit on it's hind legs like a kangaroo. Its eyes glow as if the sun lived in them and when it smiles you can see a full set of sharp teeth. (Description drawn from The Ninth Region, War with the Ice Lady.)

The names of these characters are as follows:

Snow leopard - Ice Lynns
artic fox - Chardon
artic wolf - Qwade

Guard - Connell
artic owl - Sophia
polar bear - Madina
snow leopard (good) Jasmine
Grizzly - Izzy

Next is the short story.  Keep checking to see what I have come up with.


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