Thursday, October 3, 2013

Availablity update

It has been only a few days since the first book of The Ninth Region series has been "up for sale". (I must remember that patience is a virtue I need to seek out).

My search for The Ninth Region or War with the Ice Lady or D.Scozzari has been effective with Amazon for e-books (Kindle) and paperback books.

Barnes and Noble has it listed as a paperback, can't seem to find it listed for an e-book purchase.

Inspiring Voices search comes up with no listing to date.

I am still waiting for my web-site and business card consult so I can start getting out and talking to all of you.

e-book IBSN is 978-1-4624-0619-7
Soft Cover IBSN is 978-1-4624-0618-0

Once you all start reading I want to hear your comments on the characters.
The second book in the series is about to go to the editor, but I can still make changes in the third book, which is in the rewrite stage, and the fourth book, which is in the rough draft stage. 

I am also exited to get back to my other series.  The first book is call The Treasure Unseen.

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