Friday, October 11, 2013

Just Sharing: Many kids have trouble in school.

Hi everyone,  Today I have tried to create my face book page.  I just don't know what I am doing so be patient with me.  It is under D. Scozzari.

Just Sharing:  Many kids have trouble in school. 
What I always have told my children is to do the very best you can.  Relax, share with your parents and teachers your problems.  If you do your very best and then try to do just a little bit better, then you will grow in that subject at your own speed.  Compete with yourself and don't compare yourself with others.  Everyone was made unique, work with what makes up you.  Sometimes having someone else explain things in a different way can help your brain to grasp the concept.  I was a tutor in college for economics.  Most of the students that came to me were taught by one particular professor.  I taught them the way I was taught and it simplified the thought processes for almost all of them.  You can't keep banging information in your head the same way and expect it to stick.
Food for thought.

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