Sunday, September 27, 2015

A Fall Adventure
    The trees where turning bright colors, but the rain knocked them down to the ground as quickly as they appeared. 
  Kaylyn went for a walk with a friend.  They like walking in wooded areas in parks or on the streets. It seems dreary to others, but they enjoy the dampness. 
   But Kaylyn and her friend forgot that it gets dark latter now.  The sun sets sooner every day.  Now it is dark, and they are 30 minutes from home.  The wind was starting to blow stronger and you could just tell it was going to rain hard. Things are not so fun anymore.
   Then it happens.  A stranger drives up and offers them a ride.  The driver looks like a mother and the passenger her husband.  While talking to them Kaylyn finds out that the passenger is a brother of the driver and that they both like certain websites on this Fall season.  Kaylyn lets her guard down and tries to talk her friend to take the ride home. 
   Her friend is not so confident with these people.  She does not know them except from what they said about themselves.  This is not reliable.   She starts to walk off, urging Kaylyn to come along.
   Kaylyn is reluctant to take that dark walk home, but she goes with her friend.  Kaylyn is very careful to say thank you for the ride, but they need to stay on the path their parents know them to be on. Just then, Kaylyn's mom stops to pick them up and take them home in her car.
   The next day in the news there was an Amber Alert story about a boy and a girl that was out in the same neighborhood walking a dog. The two kids had been walking and never reached home.  Teams of people were our searching for them.  Kaylyn then told her parents about the people that stopped to give them a ride.
   Her parents called the police and soon Kaylyn and her friend were giving a description of the man and woman in the car as best they could.  Now the Amber Alert included the description of this couple and their car.
   Kaylyn felt sad that these other two kids got taken. She felt oddly guilty.  Her parent sat down and told her she did the right thing to listen to her friend.  That if they hadn’t kept walking, they would be the ones taken. But Kaylyn felt responsible in some way.  She should have said something to an adult while she could still see the car.  Run up to a door of a nearby house, or call on her phone.
   Soon her friend was done talking to the police and came and sat next to Kaylyn.  Kaylyn confessed to her friend how she was feeling.  Her friend told her that she was glad that Kaylyn had listened to her last night. She said they were kids, how were they to know if there would be any further consequences that night. Kaylyn responded that they need to look beyond themselves.
   Then everyone got excited.  Near the neighborhood there was a field with brush and trees.  The kids where found there hidden.  Both were badly beaten. The girl was messed up bad and the boy had had his own experience. Both were bleeding, brushed, and silently crying. The ambulances where there in seconds and now the police had further description of the two who had done this. The dog was found dead nearby. All the adults were both happy and scared for the two kids. It would take a long time for them to recover from this terrible experience.
   At school, the police came to talk to everyone.  Warning them to always be on guard; always be aware of their surroundings and have a plan to scream and run whenever they felt threated. The trick of course is to know if you are being threated. 
   After school the kids that walked home all came together and said a prayer. “Dear Lord, we know everyone in this world do not love you or follow your laws.  Please help us look for your guidance, receive your protection, and have the wisdom to act on your direction. Please be with our fellow students that need healing. In Jesus Name we pray, Amen.”
   From then on all the kids walked with a spring in their step, a watchful eye, and did not get distracted off their route without checking in with their parents first.  This was a good thing.
   The weather was mild, the wind softly blew the leaves around, and the trees made a gentle rustling noise, but the feeling of Fall was lost.  It is said how one decision can change your life for the better or for the good.  You can’t take it back and do a ‘redo’. This is why it is always a smart thing to allow God to have your back.  What better protector could you have?  Bad things happen but God always keeps you in his loving arms when you ask Him to.

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