Wednesday, September 23, 2015

 Have you ever thought of where you would like to go see.  What would you like to do for fun.  What would you like to do to honor God.  Let's get started.

What can we experience? 

I love the mountains.  They are so high!  Some have trees growing all different colors of green. Others are dry and have brush and rock only. Then again some are so tall that there is always snow and the air is thin (not enough oxygen for us to breath well).  Some are volcanos that have a lake  of fire water (lava) moving about so very far under the ground.

I love forests and woods.  There are not cars, or music, or any other sounds at all but those that come from the wooded area you are in. You discover animal, bugs, flowers, trees, shadows, hidden paths that you would not see if you never ventured into the secret place.

I love the water, salt or spring feed.  It is so much fun to swim, play in the waves, go down a water slide, play water games, and make a sand castle that the water comes in and around with every wave. I love tubing in the rivers or being pulled behind a boat. Just riding in a boat and feel the waves hit you in the face or just relaxing hearing the gentle flow of the water pushing up against the boat.

I love the rain. Rain makes everything come alive.  The sound of a gentle rain is so relaxing. The spiking hard rain of a storm with wind that can move you. The light and sound show is so full of wonder and the hard wind is fun to walk in.  Just stand still and not move at all; I bet you can't.

I love night. I love the moon light, so mysterious; the sounds of the crickets and the stillness that comes from many creatures fast asleep.

I love the day.  When the sun warms your skin and activities outdoors are liberating. Or in winter the everyday is a new world to wake up to.  Is it raining? Is it snowing? Is it an ice storm? The clouds move so gracefully; to watch them you can make up a whole imaginary world of your own. Do we have to go to school today?

I love fire.  It dances and just takes over you mind in a way that nothing else can.  It also warms you on those really cold days.

These are a few of the things that spark ideas and sooths my spirit.  It is a great to enjoy God's hand work of creation personally.  It put you in awe of God's imagination and creativity and power.

But never forget that this is earth and not heaven so for each of these wonders there are things to be careful about. In the mountains you could fall badly or get frost bite. In the forest and woods you could get lost or walk into a poisons snake. In the water the currents could pull you under or you could get caught by a strong wave. The rain can become a storm where lighting, wind, and flooding becomes very dangerous. The night can be scaring.  You could get lost, or fall because you can't see where your feet are stepping. The day can be too hot. You can get sick, sunburned, wind burned, or dehydrated. Fire is just as scaring as it is beautiful.  It can burn and destroy just about anything, if left uncontrolled.

There is good and bad in all things.  This world is not heaven  We can honor our God by treating it with Godly wisdom and the respect it deservers . Then this world can be a awesome experience to live in. But moderation and wisdom must always be present.  And never forget that other's lives do not have what you have.  We all live the life we are born to, but we can always become what ever God puts in our hearts that we want to be.  Follow your dreams and see what happens.

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