Thursday, December 24, 2015

The conclusion

Christmas Eve Day everyone’s parents were busy with shopping, wrapping, cooking.  Tom, Mark, John, and Sasha were not interested in those kid of things, but they did like playing basketball.  They all met at the court at 10AM so they could play a bit before the family called them home. It was almost 30 minutes that they had been playing when they saw the jets fly over their heads towards the old base.
Sasha immediately yelled, “Let’s go! This could be fun!” She ran off to her bike and jumped on it.  Looking over her shoulders she looked at the boys and said impatiently, “Are you coming or what?”
The three boys got on their bikes and followed Sasha over to the base.  When they got nearby they parked their bikes in some bushes and covered them up good.  At the entrance they could see many trucks going in the base and jets were landing in turn onto the small air field.  They snuck down to the fencing and saw the fence was electrified and had cameras watching the perimeter of the base.  They needed to get in there. 
Then Tom saw that a camera was out down about 10 yards.  They crawled under the brush over to that point and saw that there was an area that had been cut out of the fence big enough for them to crawl under. Mark didn’t even hesitate, a bit crawled under the fence without touching it. The other three followed suit! They all ran low and stayed behind buildings and vehicles until they got to the building where all the activity was going on.  There was a side door, but there was no way they could get inside.
Then Tom whispered, ‘Look!”  I need to see what or who is in that truck coming from the jet to this building.”
“Well how are you going to do that?” asked John.
Sasha responded, “Follow me.”
Off she went creeping in the long grass to get a closer look.  When the all followed her, they could see that there was an empty portable building that would give them cover.  Nobody was using it.
John peeped around the corner and yelled, “Oh my God!” 
The others looked too and their eyes and mouths couldn’t get any more open. What they all saw was a box getting carried out of the truck that came from the jet.  The box was shinny and glimmered like it was made from some metal not found on this earth.  Everyone was in suits, masks, and the works.  They were acting like it was radioactive or a chemical weapon of something! 
The friends said on the ground next to the building where they could not be seen.  Mark said, “This must be from another world!
Sasha said, “No, I think it is a treasure found from the other side of the world.”
Tom added, “It is a new kind of weapon that the scientists developed.  They are going to test it on our town!’
John shook his head, “In a way you are all right, but so very wrong.  It is from another world – God’s world.  It is a treasure, because it has supernatural powers! It is a weapon, but not what you all are thinking.  Look at the box.  It has inscriptions of the Ten Commandments, of the trails of Jesus, and of the four spirit beings that are to come at the end of our world.  Do you see that it also has a light symbol coming from the sky!  That is the second coming of Christ!  Don’t you get it?  Are you ready?”
But John”, Sasha said, “The Bible never talks about a box like this! You have it all wrong.”
John responded, “I know the Bible never talks about a box like this, but men do what they think is the right thing.  And these men are convinced that whatever they have will fight the terrorists and Satan.  They want to make Christ come back to fight for us!” 
Ok, then how did they manage to get such a box and bring it here?” asked Mark.
Before anyone could respond the sky got really dark and a light shown.  The noise sounded and Tom got that feeling again. As they all were looking upward, the solders found them. They were all taken toward a different building and John calmly said, “This is not the time.  You all have it wrong.  It is time when God says it is time.”
John then just disappeared. Some of the soldiers disappeared too. The others took there opportunity to go back out the way they came and jump on their bikes.  They paused for a second looking at John’s bike.  Then off they went.
Tom let everyone to his house. He ran into his house to speak to his Aunt, but she was gone.  Her tea was hot, the TV was on, and her blanket lay on her chair.  Tom saw a note on the table by her chair. 
The note said, “Tom I asked you if you were ready.  But God told me that you are to learn and lead others during the difficult times that lay ahead.  I am fine.  You must be diligent and study the Bible carefully before they take it away. This is the beginning.  Get ready fast, my young man.  I know that your life will be hard and completely unexpected, but I also know that I will see you on the other side.  The Lord God is with you.”
Sasha, Mark, and Tom just dropped in a chair and put their heads in their hands.  The Tom spoke up, “She was not just an old lady.  Aunt Mae and John knew and were ready.  I didn’t take them seriously.  Now I have a job to do. “
Sasha and Mark just got up without a word and left the house, leaving Tom alone with his thoughts. A small light shown through the ceiling and light up Tom’s being. It only lasted a second and then it was gone. Tom’s sisters came down from upstairs and asked, “What happened to Aunt Mae and Mom?” 
Tom’s Dad walked in the front door and said, “There are a few people from all over the world that have just disappeared. Are you all right?”
Tom told his Dad that his friend John, Aunt Mae, and Mom were all gone. His father started to cry.  Tom went over to his sisters and Dad and they hugged. Tom said, “It will be alright, we were not ready, but we are going to get ready and see this to the end. We just have to pay attention to the world; seeing it with spiritual eyes. There are not more chances left. We must get and stay ready no matter what.”
One of Tom’s sisters asked, “Ready for what?”
Tom relied, “For the change that the world must go through to oust Satan and welcome our God with open arms, no matter what it takes.  We will be persecuted, but we will know the end of the story. We must stay faithful. We must stay faithful. What a special Christmas this is.”

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