Friday, December 18, 2015

What is wrong and what is right

A week or so had passed.  Tom, John, Sasha, and Mark had walked back and forth from school and talked from time to time, but never about the feelings or the noise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was Friday now and the whole weekend was before them.  It was cold out but clear and crisp.  Great weather to play ball.  Tom, John, Mark, and Sasha agreed to meet at the basketball courts at school Saturday morning at 9AM.  Right now, Tom went home to a dollar store with John to buy his family some Christmas presents. As they got to the store they split up doing their own shopping.  Sisters, Tom thought, I have to buy for my sisters.  He went in the hair and makeup section. Picking out some things he turned the corner to get something for his parents and heard a group of three girls talking. Tom stepped back so he would not be seen.  The conversation went like this.

Girl with blue sweater “Well I heard my parent talking about a military installation being opened up again over on route 102.  It was the old base from World War II.  I wonder why they are opening it up.”

Girl with the brown boots, “You remember all the talk a week ago about some strange kind of feeling and a weird noise some people heard? I think it has to do with that.  There is something going on that they are not telling us!”

Girl with the blond bangs, “It just doesn’t make sense. What kind of “feeling” could produce such a reaction?  I don’t think one thing has to do with the other, but I did over hear something myself.”

Girl with brown boots, “Ok mystery girl with the answers, what did you hear?”

Girl with the blond bangs, “I heard some police men talking on the street.  They were whispering, but didn’t see that I was right there behind the tree.”

Girl with blue sweater, “So what did they say. ‘Nice day today, isn’t it?”

“No, that is not what they said silly.” girl with blond bangs retorted, “They were talking about that if things get anymore intense they were going to get their families out of town for the holidays.” 

“That is the word they used, intense?” asked the girl with the blue sweater.

“Oh yes, they sure did, the world was intense.  No doubt about it, that was the word they used.” Clarified the girl with the blond bags.

“Does anyone know someone who actually heard those noises? Asked the girl with the brown boots.

“I felt the feelings and know people who heard the noise at the same exact time.” It was Tom coming around the corner. “My friends and I were talking about the Bible, and Satan, and aliens from space.  We couldn’t come up with an explanation. My aunt felt the feelings too!”

What kind of Bible Satan story are you talking about?” inquired the girl with the blue sweater, “What does that have to do with opening up a base?”

“I don’t know but here is my friend. Hey John come over hear a minute, would yaw?” Tom motioned John to join the group.

John came over and said hi, with his eyes looking at the floor.  “What do you want Tom?”

“I want you to tell these girls your theory about the Bible and the noises and feelings.” Tom requested.

The girls chimed in together, “Please give us you theory.  We are hearing all kinds of things that don’t make sense and the army is opening up that old base on route 102.  It is all very hush, hush.”

Just then Mark walked into the store and overheard the girls, “Really, you want to hear that rubbish. Did you hear they are opening the old World War II army base?  I bet that they are doing experiments there and need the army to guard whatever they are doing.  That is where the noise came from and the noise was supersonic.  That’s what caused the feelings! Part of the noise that was so high that it caused some people to hear something and others did not hear a thing! Well that’s what I think.”

Tom interjected, “We were just asking John to explain his point of view.  Everyone this is Mark.  Now John tell us all what you said last week when we were talking.”

To be continued…..


John explained, “I’d rather not say right now.  You all will laugh at me.”

The girls chimed in, “No we will not! Everyone else has a theory.  Let’s hear yours.”

John looked down to the ground and tried to sound confident, “I believe in the Bible. We are fixne to celebrate Jesus Christ’s birthday.  That is what Christmas is all about.  It’s not about who can give the best gift.  It’s about giving.  That is what Christ did.  He came down and was born in a baby’s body.  That is very cool!  Then he lived his life among man until they put him to death on the cross.  But instead of being dead, dead, he paid the price for our sins so we can talk to God directly by rising from the dead and ascending back to heaven.  You see I really believe this, and you should too.

But the thing is that Satan doesn’t want God to be THE GOD.  He wants to take control even though he never made anything except chaos.  And making chaos and lying is what he is good at. But this is all spiritual. “

“Ok”, responded Mark in his Scottish accent, “We in Scotland are Christians too.  There are a lot of spiritual or ghostly things that happen in Scotland that people say are caused by bad spirits or demons.  Those spirits that work for Satan are to blame.”

John continued, “I know that a lot of things that go on are explainable without any spirit activity involved.  But I know that Satan is active and people who talk of ghosts just give him the camouflage he needs to get away with what he is doing without anyone really believing he is around.”

Tom asked, “So John, do you think is going on?”

“You know that the military secretly opening up that old military base, the talk of aliens, and terrorists, or spooky Halloween type ghosts being involved?”  John continued, “All that is wrong. I know because Satan just wants to distract us from worshiping the Christ’s birthday.”

Sasha was getting impatient and said, “Satan and ghosts – it is all the same thing.  I’m tired of this talking in circles. Be plain speaking John or stop talking!”

Well I can’t be plain speaking because I don’t exactly know what Satan is up to, but I do know it is him.  The evil spiritual forces are entering this world of ours and causing havic.”

“Ok I’m going home and imp not meeting for basketball tomorrow.  I have to go with my family and visit Old Russian families that live nearby.” And in saying that Sasha turned on her heal and left.

The girls that were talking about the military base let too.  Tom, Mark, and John started to walk home.

Mark asked, “Do you really believe all that stuff you were talking about, John?”

John responded quietly, “Yes, I really do believe.”  Nothing else was said, as they walked home in silence.



The last school week had started and all the kids were being tested.  It was not fun, but after the tests were over, Christmas break started! Two whole weeks of freedom!

The military base was actually being reopened and there were army trucks, jeeps, Humvees, and army helicopters on the move all over the village. The kids all ran out after school to see what was going on that day. Adults were even gathered in front of stores or on street corners talking about what might be happening.  The question of course was, “Why?”

Thursday was the last day of school.  Christmas was Monday.  It just seemed that the spirit of Christmas was being replaced with the talk of the army moving in.  Tom and Mark left school together and as they were walking home that feeling came over Tom again.  Mark said, “Listen to that noise!  What is it? I thought this was over because the army was here.”

Just then Sasha ran up to them, “Did you hear that noise?  Did you hear it?  Well did you?”

Mark exclaimed, “Oh yes we heard it and Tom has one of his feelings again. Let’s go get John and go to Tom’s house to talk to his Aunt. Maybe she can explain to us what is going on.”

They all agreed, got ahold of John and the four of them went to Tom’s house to talk to his Aunt. When the go there Tom’s great aunt was in the Livingroom sitting in her special chair. She was listening to a news bulletin on TV about the noise.  “I’m glad you are hear Tom.  Boys come on in.  I need to know if you are ready.” Aunt Mae just spit it out as if they all knew what she was taking about.

Tom inquired gently, “Aunt Mae, what are you talking about when you ask if we are ready?  What does that mean?”

Aunt Mae stared had him for a whole minutes, then she said, “I know two of you are from other countries. Both of you should understand me.” 

Sasha and Mark just looked at each other and shook their heads no.  Tom said to his aunt, “I’m sorry Aunt Mae, but we really have no idea of what’s going on or what you mean by if we are ready. Could you please just tell us?”

“All right,” she said, “you must be too young or don’t know your history very well. Settle in, now.”

Aunt Mae settle in her chair herself and began, “Hundreds of years ago there was a favored man in God’s eyes.  He had two sons.  One son was chosen by God but the other one was born to be argumentative. Both sons had many of their own children, worshiped God, and loved their father. The father was asked to sacrifice his son for his God and was going to do it. At the last minute God stopped the father and loved the father all the more.

Once some time had passed the generations after the argumentative son became unruly. They did what they wanted and ignored God’s will.  These people, over time, still worshiped a god, but it was no longer The God.  Instead they followed their own god, who was actually Satan. This great people thought they were worshiping The God in their own ways.  They even had prophets, but they were not The God’s people anymore.

At the same time the other son’s family grew to a nation and becomes disobedient too.  There were many that still followed The God.  So over time, God sent them his son to live as a man and to die as a man.

Aunt Mae took a drink of water. You see that father was willing to sacrifice his son and The God was willing to do the same to make things right between Him and His people.  That son was named Jesus and it is who we celebrate at Christmas and Easter.  You too from the old country learned of this before we did in the Americas.  The group of people that descended from the argumentative son are the ones that stir up all this bombing and such now. So the question is are you ready?”

John asked the next question, “Ready for what?”

Aunt Mae just mumbled, “Are you ready? “falling asleep in her chair.

To be continued…….finished next week!!!!!!!!!!!



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