Wednesday, December 2, 2015

What is wrong and what is right?

Well it is school time again and Tom thought it was great.  He told his friends, “Christmas is the best season!  You get to do all these different things, and get two whole weeks off from school!”

John, the clumsy one, stood there listening. He was shifting his weight on his feet back and forth, side to side.  Up from behind cam Sasha. She bumped right into John on purpose saying, “Hi, guys. Did you have a good Thanksgiving?  I certainly did. Have a good day!  See you latter Tom, John, and …the Markster. Ha! Ha! Ha!” Off Sasha went to go to class. 

Mark said to his friends, “That girl can play ball, but she certainly is a weird girl.”

The other two shook their heads and said, “Let’s just go to class.”  Each one went to their classes. 

When school was over the three started to walk home and Sasha ran up to join them.  She whispered to them, “Hey, stop a minute.  I was talking to some kids today and they told me that they heard a noise last week.  It was really strange.  It sounded like nothing they ever heard and it made them feel really weird.  Have you guys heard it?”

John and Mark said together, “What are you talking about?” 

Sasha responded sharply, “Can’t you hear or understand English!  I’m taking about something that we don’t understand.  A noise and a feeling that is just not normal!”

Tom chirped in, “Actually I had a feeling that I didn’t understand. AND my great aunt had the same feeling, I think.  She told me she was ready. Ready for what I’d like to know!”

 John and Mark all looked at him as if you was really out in space. Sasha did not, but just stated as if it were a well-known fact, “ I know what you are talking about, Tom.  This feeling everyone is having happened at the same time.  And that noise was heard only by a few, but it was at the same time too.  Your Aunt probable is more aware because she is so very old!  What are we to do?  I think it is all about alien from outer space walking among us and we can’t see them because they don’t want us to.”

John added, “No Sasha, you are dead wrong.  These feelings and the noise are just a part of a government undercover operation, to secretly find terrorist sympathizers amongst us.  That is what is going on.”

Tom and Sasha looked at John and both said together, “What are you talking about!”

Tom added, “You must be off your rocker, really!”

Sasha shouted at John, “This has nothing to do with the government or anything else of this earth.  Don’t you get it, it is creatures from out of space spying on us!”

Now John cleared his voice and said very softly, “I know what is going on.” Everyone just stopped talking and stared at him.  “If you read the Bible you become more sensitive to the activities of the spirit world.  This is the Christmas season.  People all over the world are celebrating Jesus’s birthday if the realize it or not.  That means that the bad spirits are all around us trying to spoil everything for us who believe.”

Tom cried out, “No, stop, this is stupid!  You are all really of the deep end.  Listen to yourselves!  I’m going home now and don’t want to hear any of this nonsense anymore!”  With that Tom got all his stuff, turned his back on his friends, and walked briskly home thinking, I thought I was crazy with getting that feeling, but my friends are really out there like Pluto!  Really, really out there!

To be continued….




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