Monday, August 19, 2013

To my readers:

Once Upon a Time you had an idea!

Just think of what to day dream about.  You could be the obvious, a pirate, a fireman, an actress, or a politician.  What else could you be?  I use to think that I was a cowboy rounding up the cattle and sitting by the fire.  Or I could be a detective who found hidden staircases in old houses, Or I could be a treasure hunter of the old days, dropping a treasure in an abandoned well for safe keeping.  My spot would not be marked with an "X" but maybe a "B".  What do you think the "B" would mean?  If you walk in a forest all by yourself, the trees can whisper secrets to you of those that had walked this path before.  The trees are very old, so they must know so many stories that happened under their branches as the years went by.  But, you could travel to the open seas.  There you could find sea monsters, sailors, and sand dooms that come up right where there should be no land to touch. Yet, just yonder in the horizon there is a crevice in the ocean floor that no man has ever been able to go into. Could missing ships of the past that can't be found, be lodged in the ledges of this deep abyss?  Or maybe and an underground city that was covered with the water as the layers of earth shifted and the water went wild across the expanse of the ocean.  Don't forget the mountains, and rain forests, and deserts, and wild rivers with rapids and falls, and Arctic lands.  All have their stories to be told. What a great dream to fall asleep to, thinking of all the possibilities of the past and future.  What part are you going to play in these adventures?

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