Monday, October 5, 2015

HaLlOwEeN sToRyS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What Didn’t We See?

        The wind was blowing, howling; dogs were barking; cats were meowing.  Everyone saw the white sheet moving towards the grocery store’s door.  Everyone stepped back to get out of it’s way, bewildered of what they saw.

        As the white sheet entered the store the cans rattled on the shelves.  The boxes danced and the soda pop exploded.  In the meat department the knives flew in the air going all which way.  The crunch, crunch was heard from aisle 6.  Those that had the courage to look saw the sheet appear as if it was facing an entity eating potato chips. The chips were crunched up in the air and then dropped in a pile onto the floor.

        As of the entity gained strength from the chips, it started to take form.  As skeleton formed first the head then to its feet. Long hair grew, followed by long dirty nails.  It then walked over to get a coke.

        The white sheet followed it.  As the entity drank a coke it saw its reflection in the glass door.  Startled by its reflection, it jumped; spilling its coke all over itself.  Grabbing the white sheet, it cleaned itself off head to toe.

        All now that could be seen is the dirty sheet on the floor.  The grocery store’s door opened and out went a gentle breeze that smelt of chips and coke. 


        No one could be seen leaving the store!!!
by D.Scozzari



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