Monday, October 12, 2015

HaLlOwEeN sToRyS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By D. Scozzari


It Is All in The Wrist.

        At school the teacher told her students to draw a picture that reminded them of Halloween.  Some kids drew witches and others drew vampires.  Still others drew Scooby Doo and others drew an old creepy house with ghosts flying in and out of the windows. 

        Janice drew something different.  She drew a monster with pink and purple hair.  The monster had long eye lashes and big red lips.  Janice then drew a pet for the monster.  She drew a cute little dog that wore an orange “dress”.

        Janice not decided to sneak a snack out of her desk.  It was a giant sugar cookie that was decorated like a pumpkin. She had another cookie just like it and put it on her desk as she was eating the first one.

        Wait one minute, Janice thought, where did my cookie go.  As she looked around she saw the hand of the monster that she had drew going back into the picture with the cookie.  Janice grabbed the cookie tried to pull it back.  Then the cute dog grew into a monster dog with hug teeth.  He snapped at Janice. 

Janice just had no chose at all. She grabbed her big eraser and erased them both.  Now she could eat her second cookie in peace.

 by D. Scozzari





What on earth are you looking at?

        The park is always a fun place to be with friends.  Older kids here on the swings and couldn’t help but notice some 8 year olds standing by a tree looking down at the ground.   The older kids got off the swings and went over to look; they saw them too!  The some parents came by to pick up their kids and also went over to the group by the tree. 

        What did they all see? One pair of feet had long dirty nails, and hair all over. Another pair of feet had short nails on its toes.  The toes were purple and swollen as if they had been pounded.  NO hair could be seen and the skin was whiter than white.

        The third pair of feet had long wide solid and white nails.  They were attached to a reptile like foot with scales and open, blisters that were oozing with a green substance. 

        A police officer drove up and got out of his car.  He walked over and asked everyone to stand back.  He took a long hard look at these feet.  Then he reported it in on his radio.  As he took out his weapon.  It was a small cage.

        The police officer as everyone to stand back and put the cage on the ground by the feet.  He then opened its door.

Screeching, growling, a go-lup could be heard as the trees rustled and all three pair of feet disappeared.

        Now the police officer turned to the crowd and said, “It works every time!”  Then he crouched by the cage putting in it a piece of cheese that had been in his pocket.  This little tiny, gray mouse. ran into the cage to enjoy her reward.  The policeman closed the cage; went back to his car; he drove off.

        Question:  Whose feet were under the tree?
by D. Scozzari

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