Monday, October 26, 2015

 HaLlOwEeN sToRyS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By D. Scozzari

The Hug from Behind in the Dark!

        Donald was walking down his street. He felt ghostly arms give him a tight hug.  Then he felt damp and shivered from a cold chill that ran through his body.  Howling and yowling a black cat jumped in front of Donald giving him a fright.

        The air cleared and the moon shined brightly down on Donald.   He felt creepy, like something was lurking behind him.  It took a while to get the courage, but Donald turned to see if anyone was there.

        Quiet as a mouse was his shadow just as it should be.  Suddenly it grew large; its hair went out of control. The shadow raised its arms and hands up high.  Loudly it said, “Boo” 

        Donald ran all the way home.


HaLlOwEeN sToRyS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! By D.Scozzari found on

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