Monday, October 26, 2015

 HaLlOwEeN sToRyS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By D. Scozzari

Do You Understand?

        Crossing a deserted street there was two cats.  One was black with brilliant green eyes.  The other was bright green with deep black eyes. 

        Coming from the other direction was two ladies and a boy.  They were taking a shortcut home from the corner store.  As they saw these cats they slowing stopped walking.  The boy sarcastically said, “Look Mom at these cats.  Aren’t they cute?  I’m going to chase them.”

        The boy’s mother told him to stop, but he was already yards away.  The other lady stood back as the mom ran after her child.

        As the boy got closer he could see more cats coming to join the two.  He ran into all of them to scare them into a run.  He thought, what fun this is!  His mother didn’t know what to do.  She knew this was not right, but she also feared for her son’s safety.

        The lady that stayed back from all of this put up her pointer figure in the air and circled it around.  As she did this, the cats stopped running.  They encircled the boy and his mom, meowing, staring, and waving their tails.  The cats thought that this was fun, scaring this mean boy.  The boy shouted in a nasty tone at the cats, “You can’t get me, you are only a bunch of cats!”

        The mother tried to protect her son. She tried to keep her son quiet. She tried to talk soothing to the cats to calm them down. After nothing she did worked she told her son to get down on his knees and hold his head in his lap as she was doing.  Then she started to make motions like she was a cat herself.  Her boy looked at her like she was crazy.  He was still standing.  A cat from the back came forward and looked at the mother with interest.  This cat had tiger markings and pressed up against the mother.  The mother then turned slowly into a cat. She looked up to the lady down the street. 

        The lady now twirled herself into a tumble weed and rolled down toward the cats.  She rolled right and left as if playing with the cats.  The cats started to play back, including the mother, (who now was a cat). Now the whole street was in confusion, and still the boy just stood there.

        Out of nowhere a dead tree rolled into the road. All the cats jumped on this dead tree.  The lady became herself again and twitched her nose as she waved her hand.  Up the dead tree rose into the air and then flew off into the sky.  The lady went over to the boy and asked if he was alright.  He said he was not sure.

        The lady told the boy, “Make sure you think about the consequences of your actions before you do anything.”

        The boy asked, “Will my Mom be all right?”

        The lady responded, “Of course she will.  I hope you like cats now!”  Over to the boy came the mother meowing and crying to the boy to pick her up and pet her.

        The lady said, “How quickly life can change.” She then floated off to join the cats on the dead tree.

        The boy was left standing in the road with this huge cat that was once his mother.  He said, “I’m sorry.  I will take care of you.”  He picked his mother up and walked home.

 by D. Scozzari

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